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Rick case Hyundai in Duluth Ga is the most ridiculous service point for Hyundai in the United States. I sent my car to them upon receiving a letter regarding a safety recall.

I requested for them to change my oil, fix the the recall and check my car.

They charged me 109 for engine check.

I checked my car and noticed the oil was not changed and recall was not fixed. Wen I drove back to complain, both their service and sales manager argued with me and refused to do any refunds or fix the other issues with the car.

No one should trust these folks with their car. It appears they are more concern about their delership more than their customers.

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I purchased my 2011 Hyundai Sonata with one owner, the dealership themselves in mid 2011. Since purchasing my Sonata I've been in the service department at least 7 times.

Car leaking water inside from the window seal, rear light popping out for no reason, three thermostats replaced, ants all inside of the car and a sensor went out. Car is still under warranty but I've just had too many problems with this car. I the manager to please check out the car really good because I've had just to many service issues. The smart mouth manager told me he purchased his car new and had three engines replaced already, so what do you want me to do.

I explained that when they replaced the window because of the bad leak they didn't even replace the carpet and I don't consider this customer service. Chris statement wasm, I wasn't there and once again what do you expect for me to do. I thank Chris for listening to my concern and I would let my fingers take care of the rest. This is my second Sonata, the first one I purchased brand new and my second nearly new.

I will never go back to this location and I will tell everyone about my experience. Since this location doesn't care about me as a consumer I will let the whole world know about them and trust me I've been asked about my car by alot of people since purchasing it.

I will be only tell the truth..... :sigh

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