Bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2010 3.8 Track. Thought it was a good deal at the time. Took the car to Myrtle Beach and it quit running in a rest stop. Called Rick Case and they put me on hold for 20 minutes. Finally got it working and luckily made it to my condo. The next day the doors wouldnt unlock. Luckily for me the trunk was unlocked so I got to go tunneling through the back seat. The day after that the car wouldnt start at all.

Went around with the service manager and eventually Hyundai road side service provided towing. Myrtle Beach Hyundai inspected the car and noticed that the connector to the battery was replaced with an inferior connector with no fuse. Also the battery had exploded..... Myrtle Beach Hyundai replaced the battery, put on the proper connector(the proper one was 4 times larger than the piece that was on originally.), and they cleaned the engine of battery acid. I was informed that they couldnt test possible damage to one of the 40 to 70 odd computers throughout the beast, and that even though the alternator still worked it was going to die soon because the car had been running off of it until it died.

Got car back and it worked fine for 1 day. On the way back to Atlanta the car began exhibiting minor electrical issues. Had a very stressful ride home and actually thought I was going to have a heart attack at one time. Being 40 years old and having your stress relief vacation ruined, and having the prospect of a 20+ grand paper weight, will do this to you.

Got home and had my brother contact service manager, I would of been far worse than simply angry at her because she doesnt return phone calls or emails unless threatened. She told my brother she would offer free oil changes, and some other mess. I emailed her that it would be acceptable as long as they certify my Hyundai(which the Myrtle Beach Hyundai said was supposed to be standard. I also asked for some Braves tickets to make up for my ruined vacation. I know they have those tickets as perks to some customers.

Guess what. No response. And then the car's minor computer electrical problems had returned. The driver door wont unlock with the electronic key but the passenger will. They Hyundai splash screen stays on for 30 seconds at times when you start the car. I have had to put my electronic key into the console entry point to start the car because the electronic ignition doesnt work at times.

I sent a message about my anger and threatened arbitration to the service manager and the general manager. No response.

Washed the cat paw prints off the hood yesterday. Washed off the touch up paint they put on the passenger side of the hood, and the passenger side panel.

So you ask why I didnt inspect car better? Well they told me that customers that buy premium cars can have them delivered to their house. Told me the car would be delivered the next DAY. Then got a call at around 5pm that the car was on its way. They delivered the POS at 10:45 at night. Also love how I was ordered to use my IPhone and give these jokers a positive review on some dealer rating site.

Go to Rick Case Hyundai if you prefer the worst service imaginable, and absolutely no help if you have a problem.

The only positive was the reimbursement for the repair of the battery and engine after I was forced to pay for it myself. So much for that 30 day Rick Case special warranty.

They know they sold me a car that has a shot electrical system, and a damaged computer.

I dont expect them to do anything for me. I just hope no one else has to go through the horrible experience I have gone through. A person shouldnt have to experience this from a "Rick Case" dealership.

Monetary Loss: $24000.

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